Rob Tuytel

Full time Blender environment artist, VR lover and spends his free time in survival and hiking

My mission

My mission is to make wonderfull environment scenes and sharing this with other people. I also like to teach and sharing techniques with other Blender users.

Study is key, Every week i spend time in learning new techniques, in my opionion this is the only way to innovate and getting te max out of your work.

MMy name is Rob Tuytel and I have been a full time Blender user for the last 9 years. I have always loved using my imagination to create 3D art and Blender has been the right tool to help me with this.

Even before I started using Blender, I always loved environments. When I started to create them, I studied art books in order to be able to design these kinds of scenes in Blender.

Tears of Steel

I was honored to be asked to create environment scenes for the Blender Institute open movie Tears of Steel. This was a fantastic learning opportunity that allowed me to work with other environment artists. Learning new skills in such a project is one of the best ways artists can bring themselves to a higher level.

Golden Age VR

Last year I worked on my latest project, The Golden Age VR: The first VR experience in the world with 32 VR arcade machines in a Dutch museum. I have been working together with multiple artists and together we are still working on new challenging projects.